In our health conscious world of first world problems one is never far from an article warning of the dangers of our eating habits. We have even taken heat for being overly reliant on ready meals.

Polat Hassan, CEO of AppBox Media, thinks this is undeserved. "The explosion of cooking related programmes, magazines and websites and their popularity shows the passion people have for cooking and showing off their skills. Many of these shows, such as MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off, encourage people to eat well by cooking from scratch. More and more of us are giving it a go," he says.

Now, at an App store near you (, you can have a go at cooking well and winning prizes. The ‘Can I Cook It?’ app, available on the App Store, allows you to prove you have culinary dexterity in a fun and accessible way. With prizes available every fortnight, it's worth a go.

If you're stuck for ideas ...well, it has been said, there are plenty of programmes, magazines and websites out there or just ask @canicookitapp